Where did it all start?

When I was child, I always wish to be a hero... superman, spiderman, or ironman (why it always to be a man? haha). It is a time where you hope someday you could make a world a better place for everyone. So, this wishes still, somewhere, live inside my mind.

As a designer (still graphic design student tho..), I hope I could give a solution to the world. Therefore, I had chosen reading efficiency topic as my final project. It has been carefully develop.. start from semester one, where it all just started from a few of 10 small issues, ideas and thoughts from my surroundings. See the diagram process below (click it if you want to read it):

The reason is pretty simple, as we all know, reading is a initial activity in human life, for example, by reading this post, you're already do this activity right?


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