Amazon Kindle

"We drew the line at adding anything that gets in the way of reading."
It is good to know that Jeff Bezos really consider about the reading efficiency. He said that the new kindle has a clear the boundaries of ads, who will not distract readers while they read. You can read more the news at here


Design process chart



My Posters meet IKEA's frame

Putting all together and preparing for assessment!
Love the frame, it just fits perfectly and nicely!

For the other 5 posters, I used the black clips. So, the exhibition would looks lively instead of using 10 frames and it would be looks very boring.

ALL PACKS and ready to Go! :)


Guide for screen body text

Hope I could have time to build this... I have an idea to build guide body text on website itself. However, I could manage my time to create it. My idea come from this website called twopaperdolls.com
in this website, they have interesting overlay from the background and other layer (which I thought it could be my guide for web) and the background would be other website. I think if the user can type any URL in the box (that i could provide in my website) the background would change into other web, but the guide would stay there. Here is what the website look like:

IKEA, I'll meet you soon.

After planning the exhibition, it is the time to check and look up where I can find all things that I need. so, I need a frame... uncle Google is really helpful for this. So, I look up many places who create or sell a wood frame.

and finally,
everything was solved by IKEA. I can even check the stocks at their website!
I Love You IKEA, and we'll be meeting soon. I plan to go there on Sunday!


Best quotes for this project!

"Right and wrong do not exist in graphic design. There is only effective and non-effective communication."

— Peter Bilak - Illegibility
Damn it's so right! That's why reading efficiency is needed! :)


Testing the cheat posters

I tried to do some user testing (while I'm doing my test print) and I find most people understand the message! good!

Below is the possible 2 colors that I tried to print and compare which one is the best for the last final assessment.