Other Projects

Dream, Discover, Do
A team project for DandAD submission with Ailice Samadi, Marselin Widjaja, and Stephanie Harris. We didn't get into finalist tho... however, we enjoyed so much on this project! (Click the pictures to make it large so you can read the texts)

See our final video outcome and behind the scene videos!

Keppel Bay
Another team project for Keppel design boat competition with Marcelin Widjaja. We have discuss and plan about this and finally the design that we purpose:

thanks God, we had win the 2nd place :)

Pray for Japan
A series of posters that shows people that, indeed, we're need to help Japan, at least pray for them. Several earthquakes has came to them and they need our help. A line of Redcross Singapore has been given in each poster for people who want to donate for them. I'm so sad that I had missed one of fund raising for Japan that my friend has invited in Facebook.