Thoughts for exhibition

Time to plan the exhibition space since the day is getting nearer and I had several outcomes that need to be placed. Posters, Books, and the explanation of my project.... okay.. how I'm start? How many panels that I need? One panel size is about 1.2m x 2m (it is been measured last year). Indeed, last semester wasn't plan well and I need to improve that. Some feedbacks from my last semester were:

"It looks too empty" 
"your colors are too subtle and pale to be put in white panel" 

Well, it is not because I don't have enough outcomes.... I took 3 panels.. actually 4 panels since beside my panels, there is one panel has been leftover and no one use it, so I took the table and put it my outcomes in there. So, 4 panels has been filled up only with 3 A2 size posters with 3 A5 pages for each 1 A2. In the table, there are 1 design process chart, 2 CPJ (v1 & v2), 3 A4 that has been folded into A5, and 1 A4 book about other project. However, I need to be careful to choose colors that I used.

Chee-wee (my class rep) has messaged me about the space today. And I start to sketch out the plan. Finally, I had decided to use 3 panels and 1 table (not sure about the table tho...)

In the end, they inform to us that we'll be given 3 panels and 1 table,
which it just what I need! :)


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