I got a FEEDback!

Love my friends who always give me critiques for improvement, discussions, and suggestions! Today's feedback is from Jordan, who do the font dictionary and include the purpose of the fonts. (I want his dictionary, but he didn't allowed me :'( hiks...) 

I did the 'GUIDE FOR BODY TEXT' (click to see the older post) it is a transparent paper with the leading and line length as well as the font size to help designer define and compare the new guideline (my reading efficiency guide) and the normal guide. They could use for any books and learn from it.

Therefore, I called Jordan, since he also a designer of and asked if he found this useful and handy to be used. So.. I got a feeeeedback!! (happy)

He said:
"I think you should put all the guidelines you have into one single page instead of many page. the grids of combination leading and line length could be divided into 4 since you have showed 4 different type size. Moreover, I think the size should be more narrow to be used within A5 books that you have (my other outcome). I think it really could be useful for designer, but you need to improve the color as well so it would be more contrast.."

BIG THANKS to Jordan!! What a really good feedback! I will fix it for my final outcome. Good luck for you final assessment buddy!


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