Type arrangement games!

have you ever... think that "shit, why I never think that before?"
Apparently, it just happen to me....

As my project has been develop, start by focus toward readers' behaviors, their reading process, and their perceptions. Now, start in semester 2, I'm focusing my project toward the designers, trying to help them understand about the good design elements to make reading efficiency comes true. Hoping that this project will be useful for design students, typographers, and for everyone who seriously thinks about designing textual information.

so I tried... I'm trying to make designers back into old rules... but HOW?
Indeed, asking people to read is never EASY, especially when the readers do not have the interest to the subject of the text that I gave to the. Asking designers to read a bunch of words? text and analysis? HOW? HOW? HOW?

then I found out there are super cool games that had been created by Jason Franzen. It is a iphone games about KERN, take a look:

Indeed, this could help designers learn more about kerning, one of type arrangements that are very... very important for reading efficieny.


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