Things that I realize when I wrote my essay

Grammar is freakin' important!!!
And I sucks at it, so a helping hand from friend is needed ;)

Don't use such unclear or too general key issue and sub-titles.
It will give you a headache later... especially when you move to other chapters. It is okay to have direct title so people would understand clearly, instead asked them to analyze the connection between title and the text. You not write a poems and essay is not an art. That's why i hate it.

Structure, write and read it many many times. 
It is a correct explanation and examples that you use? It is a good words and is it okay to put it there? Will it solve the problem sequentially? 

Eliminate the information that are too wide to be explain 
and unlink towards the topic that you choose. 
This is a biggest problem to the people who loves to do research and take internet as the tools of inspirations. close your Firefox or Safari or browser or whatever that can link to find another inspirations. Focus to what you had found.


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