Reading has deep connection with eye tracking. In 1879, Louis Emile Javal noticed that people do not read smoothly across a page, but rather pause on some words while moving quickly through others.

this statement arouse some questions in my mind, called it as "curiosity", about how reader move their eyes toward text... Are they always do that? sometimes we (as a readers) might not realize that we all JUMPS and JUMPS and JUMPS as we read the texts. I remembered that sometimes I would read only several words if I found the boring text... this kind of reading force my mind to be at limbo where I hold the books or look at the screen but my mind is in the dream world. No interactivity between me and the text that I saw. So, this could happen to everyone, couldn't it? and we do not what this happen, of course, why read when our mind is sleep (owh, I mean... day dreaming)?

Are the reader is too fast? too quick to be catch by text? so, instead of saying : the brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, it is better to say...  the quick reader jumps over the lazy text, is it?


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